The mission of Key College is to provide high quality “practitioner- oriented” undergraduate programs of study driven by the most current needs of industry and business. The institution offers programs to meet the needs of a diverse student population both domestically and internationally.


In harmony with our mission, Key has established the following goals:

  • ✓ Offer quality applications-oriented curricula.

    Curricula are designed to produce competent graduates who have the ability to understand new developments in their field, adapt to change, and grow throughout their careers. Consistent with this primary goal, Key College seeks to enroll qualified students who can benefit from its programs.

  • ✓ Enroll students that have a committed interest.

    To this end, faculty and staff assist students in completing their chosen programs. Key is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in admission, financial aid and graduate placement with respect to sex, race, age, marital status, religion and national origin. Key will not refuse service to handicapped persons.

  • ✓ Assist Graduates of full-time programs to achieve the highest possible level of success in career-entry employment.

    To assist graduates in their search for positions compatible with their backgrounds and interests. Although we cannot guarantee employment or salary levels, we continue to offer assistance following graduation.

Key College’s additional goal is to assist any graduate in continuing their education toward a higher degree or continuing education in their specialty.

Our Campus

Key College occupies 12,000 square feet in Dania Beach, Florida. The school is located south of Ft. Lauderdale and is on a major boulevard that runs east and west from Dania Beach to the Atlantic Ocean. It is on the bus line and is conveniently accessible from the freeway system and the Florida turnpike.

The facility provides air-conditioned classrooms, several computer labs, and court reporting labs, administrative offices, a law library, and a reference library with Internet access, conference rooms and a student lounge.

Note from the President

Welcome to Key College in Dania Beach, Florida. We invite you to research our fine institution and our programs of study. You will find our commitment to our Students to be our highest priority.

The programs of study are in high-demand fields that offer our Graduates excellent career opportunities. Our faculty are Award Winning for their efforts in preparing our Graduates in their respective careers.

The mission of Key College is to provide high quality "practitioner-oriented" undergraduate and graduate programs of study driven by the most current needs of business and industry. The institution offers programs to meet the needs of a diverse student population both domestically and internationally.

  • ✓ Award Winning faculty due to their Graduates success
  • ✓ Small classes
  • ✓ Institutional & V.A scholarships
  • ✓ Affordable tuition
  • ✓ Warranty from Key College on Student skills

At Key College, our enrollment process includes a personal interview to ensure that we are the right college for you, and that you are the right student for us.

The fields of study are demanding and require a strong commitment from our Students. It is difficult to find institutions that are more attentive to Student Success. If you're interested in the Legal, Business, or Medical fields, you may want to consider Key College. Student Success is our main priority here at Key College and that is why we must provide total support to our Students. It starts with admissions, assisting Students to finding their right path is crucial toward our goal.

If you're interested in Court Reporting, Paralegal Studies, Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, or Medical Assistant Specialist, Key College is definitely worth your investigation. While we are not for everyone, I invite you to contact us and see if you are right for Key College. Quality Counts!


"Key College is by far the BEST course of study in the Court Reporting field locally. I was not able to graduate from Key College (which I regret daily) and had to transfer to another school for financial reasons during my last speed. Key College holds their students accountable and respects the curriculum. I never once saw a student on their phone while a test was taken place. Whereas, students at the other school would have open conversation’s in the middle of class. The instruction that I received from Key College far surpasses what I received from the “other” school. I am now a great reporter and have a great business going for me, and everything that I learned about Court Reporting is strictly from the guidance and support from Key College. The other school doesn’t even speak about national certifications or software issues, which are integral parts of our profession. Key College not only gave you a specific software class where you learn hands-on instruction, but they get you prepared for the RPR. I only wish I could have stayed at Key College longer."

Julie Giordano-Sork – Court Reporting Alumnus

"Key College was an amazing experience! It taught me all I needed to know about Court Reporting and how to be prepared for the field. It’s a tough school, but that’s what you want in a course like this. The teachers are great, the courses are thorough. It was just a good experience all around and I am happy I chose this school. Now, I am out and successful and I have them to thank for it!"

Christina Gaunt – Court Reporting Graduate

"Returning to school in my fifties was not an easy decision. I had over seven years invested in a fine arts degree with many incomplete credits and a 25 year Cosmetology teaching career that could no longer support my goals. I was abandoned by my husband, I was scared. I needed help, thank God I had earned V. A. benefits. Selecting a College that was V.A. Approved was easier when I selected the program that I wanted. Key College offered a “Sweet” Paralegal Program that allowed me to work and study for two of the hardest and best years of my life. I wish to thank the Dooley’s for their guidance, support, encouragement and confidence. I had never attended a private college, yet I wanted a campus environment rather than online. Through my studies, I formed what I believe to be lifelong friends with fellow students and faculty. The teachers were great and provided me with an outstanding education. Without question, I would recommend Key College for the “top notch” programs of study in Paralegal Studies, Court Reporting and Medical Assisting. I want to thank all the faculty and administration for one of the best campus experience one can hope to have. Thank You!"

Linda Langdon – Paralegal Studies Graduate

"I wanted to thank you for many more things that you are not aware of. I feel that where I am today would not have been possible if it was not for my education and experience at Key College. I went to Key College being unsure of what I was getting into. I realize today that my foundation started at Key College. Let me explain… at that time in my life, I was a single mom clueless of what I wanted out of my life. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be a good example for my son and to better myself and for my son’s future. I began Key College fragile, fearful, and powerless. I came out fearless, powerful and fired up. As I pursued my Paralegal Studies, I felt I was on the right path. The education I acquired from my instructors was outstanding. I still stay in touch to this day. As I pursued my Paralegal Degree, I used to say “why do we have to take courses that have nothing to do with our career”? I just got a reality check! I use to say “I hate public speaking” now I actually do public speaking for a large Corporation so that I can do what I do. I am now a spokesperson for the homeless shelter. I speak on how individuals can make their dreams come true. I continued my education after Key College and now hold a Bachelor of Science Degree. I am still working as a Paralegal but I am also a business development rep for ACN. I am involved in charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald’s and Will Play Food Foundations. I love the work that I do. Mr. Dooley, if there is anything that I can do to help you or the faculty and staff at Key College, please let me know. I would not be here if it were not for Key College. I want to be an inspiration to others on how they can accomplish greatness “if you believe in yourself”."

Evelyn Costillo – Paralegal Graduate


"I have never worked with a school that cared more about their students."

Donald Anderson, Attorney at Law

"In all my thirty eight years supervising and hiring Court Reporters, we have never hired a graduate right out of college for an Official-ship position until we hired one of Key College graduates. She was hired against a field of twenty that had several years’ experience, but she knew more about the profession than any of the others and we hired her."

Mrs. Mahoney/Superior Court, Washington, DC.

"Brittany is a true asset to our company."

Christa Merolus, Supervisor/Quick Clinic Medical Center

"On a scale of 1 thru 10, Mellissa is a 9. She is well skilled and a lovely young lady."

Patricia Raymond/Central Broward Therapy Center.