Graduate with skills as well as knowledge. A "Practitioner" approach in learning provides the skills employers demand!

The Business Administration Program is designed to develop student’s competency to work within a corporate, non-profit, government or small business work environment.

Our Bachelor’s in Business Administration introduces students to business and management principles used in today's business enterprises. Take courses in leadership, accounting, finance, microeconomics, marketing, business communications, business law, management and more. These courses will provide future leaders with the skills needed to control, manage, and solve-world business problems both domestically and internationally. Be prepared to tackle today's business arena!


  • ✓ Accountant manager
  • ✓ Administrative services managers
  • ✓ Bill and account collectors
  • ✓ Brokerage clerk/ assistant
  • ✓ Careers in operations research/management science
  • ✓ Executive assistant
  • ✓ General manager
  • ✓ Human resources, training, labor relations managers and specialist
  • ✓ Insurance sales agent
  • ✓ Insurance underwriter

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree program at Key College will take four years to complete, assuming students enroll in 16 credit hours per quarter and attend three quarters per year.  (The program can be completed in three years by attending year-round).

See the average annual income for business administrators in the United States here

This program will equip students with the fundamentals of business administration and provide a quality learning experience. The real-world applications of the coursework are essentials to be utilized by students as entrepreneurs as well as entry-level business candidates.

The Business Administration Program offered at Key College will engage students in analyzing the macro business perspective. The program will emphasize how organizations interact with their competitors and customers in the marketplace. Students will be provided with a greater understanding of how successful businesses foster the development of a robust work culture that enhances positive community and customer results.


Unit of Credits Awarded: Quarter
Total Credit Hours Awarded: 181
Total Clock/Contact Hours: 1,910.00
Program Length: 144
Weeks per Academic Year: 36
Academic Years: 4
Minimum Credit Hours to Graduate: 181 Quarter Credit hours.
Electives: One elective can be selected during the third term of the fourth year. All prerequisites must be met prior to selection of an elective. The electives are (GEB4112) Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management, (MAR4403) Sales and Sales Management, (MAN2300) Human Resource Management, and (MAR1011) Introduction to Marketing.


The Business and Accounting Programs are aligned with commonly used software programs that businesses demand. Modern computers, labs, and software allow students to perform most tasks required by businesses. The labs are equipped to provide network access for distributed data processing capabilities.


Key College provides an Information Resource Library as well as a complete library on the Internet available to all students seven days per week. Students are issued a password to access the online library.


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  • ✓ Or schedule your CPAT test online with us

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Prospective students must complete an application online or via e-mail. Programs offered at Key College require a solid commitment for successful completion. Therefore, an interview beforehand with an admissions specialist provides full information about requirements, the courses, and class starting dates, part-time work, and employment opportunities for graduates. An assessment of the student’s interests, background and commitment will occur during the admissions interview.

All applicants must be evaluated for academic capability and talk with the appropriate academic advisor to evaluate the prospective student’s ability and commitment. When all application requirements have been fulfilled, applicants will be notified promptly regarding their admission status.





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