At Key College, a student’s success is our number one goal. Key College even backs this statement up with a “warranty” to employers assuring students skills in their field of study. Key graduates are prepared for immediate certification capability.

The warranty assures the employer that the graduate has the skills needed to meet the demands of the industry.

If the graduate is found to be incapable of performing at the levels required for employment, Key College will retrain the graduate without charge. The retraining will be in any area of deficiency found within the scope of the program completed.

This warranty provides an assurance of the skills a graduate must have in the Court Reporting, Paralegal Studies or Business Programs. Key College offers this warranty of assurance to any employer hiring a Key College graduate.

All graduates are required to perform extensive “on-the-job” externships prior to graduation. This allows students to be prepared to enter the workforce with confidence and awareness of the expectations of their employer.

We at Key College are confident in the skills of our graduates. We perform entrance exams for all students, regardless of education and training backgrounds. We also perform evaluations during the student’s pursuit and a final examination to determine academic and skill levels.

Our programs are evaluated and developed with the assistance of the employers in the respective fields within the industries we serve.

A “warranty” that delivers qualified employees from day one!


Successful graduate placement depends on many factors but no more than Student confidence of their skills and knowledge. Key College has a very good Record of success in placing our graduates because of the attention paid to the well prepared graduate. The preparedness through solid skill development and the reinforcement of readiness is essential for success.

Key College provides graduate placement assistance, which is always available to graduates, providing they have satisfied all financial and academic requirements of the school. Key College provides placement services but does not guarantee placement. No reputable institution can or will guarantee a full-time position, but it is vitally important to both the student and the institution that each of our students is placed in his/her field. There are many factors that are just as important in obtaining a position as vocational or technical skills. Although the institution makes every effort in providing this assistance, the student must assume responsibility in securing his/her employment.

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