Welcome to the world of real-time court reporters, known as "Guardians of the Record"

If you are interested in becoming a court reporter, you will find this opportunity exciting. Key College is considered one of the finest schools of court reporting in the country. We are experiencing a national shortage of court reporters and the income potential has never been higher.


Court reporters, or screen captioners, transform conversations into the written form with the help of a machine and software. Court reporters use their skills in a variety of jobs, such as:

  • ✓ Official/judicial reporter
  • ✓ Broadcast captioner
  • ✓ Cyber conferencing
  • ✓ Webcaster
  • ✓ Communication access real-time translation
  • ✓ Accounts receivable clerk
  • ✓ Freelance reporter
  • ✓ Internet information reporter
  • ✓ Rapid data entry for hospitals, insurance companies and businesses.

Whether you choose to be part of the 27% of court reporters working in courtrooms, or otherwise, as a court reporter you can be hired by lawyers or other companies to properly document depositions, pretrial testimony, business meetings, and even provide live captioning for television.

See the average annual income for court reporters by city here

Program´s Consumer Information

This program is designed to develop the student proficiency level needed to pass the required standard state examinations. The goal of each student is to be able to achieve a speed level of 225 wpm in Q/A Testimony, 200 wpm in Jury Charge and 180 wpm in Literary Dictation. The program includes courses which will enable beginning court reporters to enter the field with a broad understanding of the profession.

Two speed tests with 95% accuracy in each category/level are required in Literary, Jury and QA to advance to the next speed level and to graduate. Three speed tests with 95% accuracy are required in the following courses to graduate: 225 QA, 180 Literary and 200 Jury. When students reach 140 wpm they are required to pass a one-minute read back proficiency test in each category prior to moving to the next speed level.

StenEd is the theory by excellence used throughout the program.

All students will also have FREE access to Real-time Coach to practice daily, prepare for tests, and build their speeds.

Key College’s Court Reporting Program is approved by the National Court Reporters Association as a judicial program for resident and online delivery method.


The Court Reporting Program uses a remote tape system to enhance a student’s ability to practice speed development. Computers are in each classroom to allow for “real-time” training in their classes. Computer labs are available for transcription, real-time practice as well as Case Catalyst software development. Overhead television monitors are in each classroom for teaching purposes. The college subscribes to Internet-based software called “Real-time Coach,” which is a tutorial that allows students access twenty-four hours a day for accuracy and speed development.


Key College provides an Information Resource Library as well as a complete library on the Internet available to all students seven days per week. Students are issued a password to access the online library.


  • ✓ Talk with an academic advisor
  • ✓ Submit your online application or mail it in

  • ✓ Submit your ACT, SAT or equivalent scores,
  • ✓ Or schedule your CPAT test online with us

  • ✓ Enroll for classes
  • ✓ Obtain your key to Success!


Prospective students must complete an application online or via e-mail. Programs offered at Key College require a solid commitment for successful completion. Therefore, an interview beforehand with an admissions specialist provides full information about requirements, the courses, and class starting dates, part-time work, and employment opportunities for graduates. An assessment of the student’s interests, background and commitment will occur during the admissions interview.

All applicants must be evaluated for academic capability and talk with the appropriate academic advisor to evaluate the prospective student’s ability and commitment. When all application requirements have been fulfilled, applicants will be notified promptly regarding their admission status.





National Court Reporters Association