Key College offers several programs online. Currently, some programs may be taken fully online except for the Medical programs, since they require hands-on practice. Students that are seeking instruction online should speak to an advisor as to the program offerings. The online programs are designed to mirror the residential programs. Instruction in the online program involves a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities conducted over the Internet. All online courses will be delivered and conducted in a suitable online delivery platform. Students interested in online education should have a high degree of self-discipline, be committed to a significant amount of coursework on a weekly basis and possess good computer, keyboard, and writing skills. Key College offers programs online. There are prerequisites required in the online programs. They are listed in the requirement section below.

Online Program Requirements

To be considered for enrollment in the college’s online program, students must certify that they possess the following minimum technology requirements:


Key College provides an Information Resource Library as well as a complete library on the Internet available to all students seven days per week. The college has internet access for resource materials as well as computer software on specific applications. Key College offers internet research capabilities through Real-time Coach and Lexis/Nexis. The college also provides access to an Internet library service called ProQuest. The student will be assigned a password for access to this service 24/7.